The Manufacturing site

La Manufacture Mado is located in Geneva, the clockmaking capital of the world, at two factories organised and structured to meet the wide-ranging needs of local industry and Swiss industry more generally.

Our production activities are managed via a centralised ERP and rolled out across all the sites, and our industrial organisation is certified under ISO standards.

Since it was first established in 1935, our manufacturing site has developed strong experience in the fields of free turning, precision turning, milling, finishing and assembly of the most complex parts and sub-units, by always relying on 3 fundamental variables: tradition, good craftsmanship and creativity.

The Manufacturing site

89 years of tradition


The “Manufacture d'Aiguilles Décorées Œuvrées” (“Manufacturing site for Machined, Decorated Needles”, MADO) opens in Geneva (Pleinpalais district), for the sewing-machine and clockmaking industry.


The plant diversifies its activity, moving into the sectors of industry and local crafts; “MADO” becomes “Manufacture de pièces Décolletées Œuvrées” (“Manufacture of Precision-turned Machined Parts”).


The plant moves its activity to the premises of Geneva’s former rope-making factory, at 5, Route de Drize in Carouge, which still houses some of its production activity and the company’s administrative offices.


The industrial concern diversifies its activity by investing in the precision turning sector, in order to meet the demand for medium and large parts; it is turned into a ‘société anonyme’ (public limited company).


The firm acquires the Genevan group Divisa and expands its means of production, with turning, micro-turning and milling services, terminations and assembly concentrated at a new manufacturing site in Meyrin.

Geneva’s cutting-edge industrial environment has shaped our culture and our organisation over time...

...and made it possible to develop strong competencies in our staff, enabling us to guarantee the provision of all our services today.

It is the passion and quality of our SWISS MADE products that make MADO a committed business that puts all its know-how at its clients’ disposal, via a charter that must be able to be made permanent, and that can be translated as follows:

  • Economic independence
  • 100% Swiss Made products
  • Being responsive and meeting deadlines
  • Regular, innovative investment
  • Constant training of staff
  • Respect for human, social and environmental values
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Our values



Guided by respect for the age-old traditions and values of clockmaking labelled with the ‘Poinçon de Genève’ mark of excellence, the house now applies its know-how for the benefit of all activities conducted locally, both artisanal and industrial, and of the high-end clockmaking and jewellery trades. From the design stage to the production stage, Mado combines artisanal know-how, innovative processes and discretion with the ‘Swiss Made’ guarantee.

Excellent craftsmanship

Excellent craftsmanship

Since we have expertise and we aim for excellence on a permanent basis, our method of working and our approach to every issue must be painstaking, and they accompany everything we do, so as to shape our development.



Committed to a policy of permanent innovation, we are constantly updating our creativity, in order to conceive of new products and identify our clients’ challenges. Our goal: to have our gaze fixed on the future, so that we’re constantly modernising our craft.